Hey there! I'm Utsav 👋

Hope you're having a fantastic day. Welcome to my little corner of the web!

Living by the motto, "Learning something new every day; because stagnation is failure", I cherish every opportunity to grow and evolve.

Me spending time with Gingy

Think of me as a digital craftsman, passionately stitching code to solve some of today's intriguing challenges. At industry giants like Flipkart and Amazon, I've turned ideas into scalable solutions, positively impacting millions of users. I've got a rich toolbox with Java, Go, Python, Node.js, and more.

Now, while coding is my day job, sharing knowledge is my passion. This website is more than just a portfolio; it's where I pen down my insights, thoughts, and experiences from the tech world. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned techie, I hope you'll find something of value here.

Thanks for stopping by! Grab a virtual coffee, explore, and let's connect. Feel free to reach out! Happy browsing! 😊👩‍💻