June 7, 2023 (1y ago)


Every new undertaking should be preceded with the "why" question. Why are you starting this new thing? More often than not, you'll find whether you're serious about the venture or is it just another idea that came in a fleeting moment. So, let me try answering the same question.

Why am I starting this blog?

I like to share my thoughts and learning, whether it be my friends, peers or really anyone who's interested in listening. This website will be an extension of that, wherein I'll try to share interesting things.

What will you write about?

I'll be focusing on software engineering mainly, revolving around my learning from university to working at startups to FAANG. I may also write on up and coming technologies, things I'm interested about and what people may suggest to me as well.

Why a newsletter(Substack)? Why not Medium, or WordPress, or any other blogging platform?

Substack works as a newsletter, so interested people can subscribe to my newsletter and new blogs will come directly in their inbox. Moreover, I believe in newsletters more than any other social media website.

Whether I talk about the direct communication, less noise, privacy, audience ownership or focused attention, newsletters make much more sense than any other social media platform.

Having said that, I'm NOT saying that I'm strictly against using any social media or blogging platform. Some of the posts will be cross posted to other platforms as well.